Xeno3 User Manual:

Xeno3 is the latest board available from Nexus Sabers, the successor to the Xenopixel V2. Released in March 2023, it's released as both the Xeno3 Pixel and Xeno3 RGB, and replaces both the Xenopixel V2 and the RGB-X boards respectively. Although similar in function, many additional features are available, with many more coming in through the year.

New Features include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for remote access, control and manipulation of settings

  • Blade Mode toggles so users can decide which features can be accessed from the hilt

  • New audio control response feature allows users to hear what step they are on in the basic menu system

  • Xeno Configurator App, available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store, for access to settings

  • New sound types, such as accent swings, lightning block and side out

  • New blade effects, with capabilities to hold many more in the future

  • SD card access for both pixel and baselit versions

  • Firmware now upgradeable through the App directly